A little bit about Rare Earth:

Many years ago friends convinced Karl to share his skills beyond the circle of friendship. He was a stone mason/designer by trade - woodworker and metaphysical student/practitioner in every day life. He spent over 40 years working with wood from building furniture with his father and custom homes. Now with Rare Earth Designs Karl works with the earth every day both on a physical and spiritual level, striving to create a balance between nature and human. 

Rare Earth Designs also encourages social health and harmony through specialized coaching services, by creating interfaith spiritual art and offering Nature-Centered teachings, healing sessions and ceremonies. We act to network other people and organizations working with complementary missions, and this is seen through Sarah and Karl’s creation and affiliation with the Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary (TOLIS) they founded.


Karl considers himself to mostly be a Theosophist, gathering his beliefs and ideologies from a worldwide variety of sources and after studying the teachings of all major religions including Gnostic Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. He draws primarily upon Druidic, Wiccan, Reiki and Shamanistic traditions in his daily spiritual life.  In addition to his obvious passion for trees, he finds solace in the energy of crystals and the guidance of the tarot, astrology and runes. He Serves as the Speaker of the Land for the TOLIS and is the Lord of the Land of Erosia, the Land Sanctuary.


Sarah has a BA degree in Religion and specialized in comparative Religions, considering herself to be a “modern professional Nature-centered priestess”. Sarah also has a MA in Communication Studies. Sarah has Served her community both as a professional and volunteer for over 30 years. She, too, has a strong sense of design and comes with artistic talents hard to quantify on paper. She Serves as the Main Sanctuary Servant for the TOLIS and is the Lady of the Land of Erosia.


In the production of our art, we reuse old things, such as up-cycling old wooden bowls to use as our hoops for the drums and locally sourcing supplies, buying them from thrift stores as much as possible. We use as much of natural and local supplies as possible while creating our art, such as using shellacs instead of petroleum based wood sealants and we even make our own all-natural wood balm for polishing and sealing our wooden products (which we take to shows and have packaged as well for sale).


We want to be able to make our own boxes, getting away as much as possible from exporting from foreign markets. All this work places Rare Earth Designs in an exciting position to create a business that will help not just Sarah and Karl, or anyone that RED might employ in the future (we are currently truly a "mom and pop" shop), but for our wider community, both locally and globally. RED walks the talk of encouraging social health and harmony through specialized coaching services, by creating interfaith spiritual art and offering Nature-Centered teachings, healing sessions and ceremonies.


This year we start 2021 with a vision of eventually merging our Land Sanctuary with the business we’ve created as a nonprofit religious organization affiliated with the Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary (TOLIS). We’re adding a permanent shop building and camping spots to our 13 acres of wooded Land this year so we can have better ability to accept guests and spiritual seekers as we work towards the building of our permanent residence.  

Explore what we have to offer. Perhaps you will find your next heirloom piece you will pass down to your descendents. Maybe you will be moved to create the next ceremony to mark a change in your life with incense, a new wand or divination tool? Whatever brings you here you are welcome! Please enjoy your visit!


Sarah and Karl

The 30 ft yurt is our current temporary office and work space until we can get the permenant shop built.

Sarah and Karl

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