A little bit about Rare Earth:

A couple years ago several friends convinced me to share my skills beyond the circle of friendship. I was a stone mason/designer by trade - woodworker and metaphysical student/practitioner in every day life. I have spent over 35 years working with wood from building furniture with my father and custom homes to Rare Earth Designs, the sole proprietor business I, Karl Feret, founded to bring my two passions together. I work with the earth every day both on a physical and spiritual level, striving to create a balance between nature and human. 

Rare Earth Designs (RED) began in 2007 selling hand turned wood burl bowls, miniatures, wooden journals, wands and disks and now has expanded to include a wide variety of products, with both production as well as completely hand fabricated one-of-a-kind art pieces.  RED sells beautifully fully handcrafted bowls, vases, wands, calligraphy pens, hairpins, pendulums and miniature vases/bowls. In addition, now RED has production pieces using both a laser and CNC engraver to create wooden, customizable, expandable journals in 2 sizes, half sheet and full paper, wooden crystal grids, pendulum boards, Ouija boards (in variety of sizes), runes and ogham staves, ink to go with the pens, smudge supplies, trinket and tarot boxes.

In the spring of 2014 I joined up with Sarah Heartsong, after I moved from Falls City to Shelton, WA. Sarah moved fully to the Pacific Northwest from NM the end of August 2017 and has 15 years experience running her complementary business, Heartsong Healing Arts (HHA). Sarah is now a companion at events she travels to with me, selling the wares of HHA as well as Rare Earth Design’s. You will see her products (altar boxes and icons, drums and crowns) on our website as we work to combine our companies. 

My old studio in Fall City, WA that I designed and built.

Sarah and Karl

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