Every land has tales of trees . . .

 . . . that are sacred to their culture.  Like crystals and herbs, every tree possesses its own unique energy or healing qualities.  

Click on the images below to see an enlarged view of the wood with a brief description of its energetic properties.  Click "show more" at the bottom to go to the next page.


The discs pictured are about 2" in diameter.  The wands were crafted from single pieces of wood and range from 6" - 22" long and up to 1 1/8" diameter.  Each wood is labelled with the origin of that particular piece, and a brief description of the esoteric properties commonly associated with that tree.  Woods without a photo we are either seeking or just don't have a piece created yet to use as an example.  Those without a description are still being researched.


We make every effort to responsibly collect and use what nature has granted.  Several of the species below are endangered and are no longer imported into the United States.  Karl works with a number of researchers, reclamation specialists and arborists whose hobbies are the collection, identification and distribution of exotic woods from storm salvage, building deconstruction and recycling.  The Caribbean Lignum Vitae for example is from Hurricane Wilma debris, the American Elm from a recycled architectural timber, and the Bois d'Rose from a long retired furniture builder.  Nothing goes to waste in Karl's workshop.  Even the smallest piece finds a home in some project.  The shavings and sawdust become compost for our vegetable garden or starters for the fire that heats our home.



Under Construction - More descriptions coming!!!!

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Birch (Masur) - Finland

The Celtic wood of the new year & new beginnings, brooms were traditionally made of Birch twigs. Masur Birch is more fiery and inspirational than most Birch.