Available Online

1/2 hr Session

* Coaching * Readings * Teachings * Healing * Work through trauma & learn how to Stand in Your Power

  • 25 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • 5th Avenue Southeast

Service Description

Sarah's half hour rate allows for a session of 20-25 minutes (so there's 5-10 min gap to change between clients). It may include as much as can be done in that time. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little depending upon you and how clear you are and what we're doing. Sarah specializes in a lot of things. You can tap her in a session for a reading using either Tarot or one of the many Oracle decks she works with, or a coaching about something going on and/or for a Teaching on a subject she specializes in and you need more info or a pointing finger to direct you to other resources that might work well for your situation. After over 20 years in long term care and at the supervision level in case management of disabled and elderly people Sarah has a LOT of knowledge and can help sort systems startlingly well. Nothing is off the table as far as conversations with Sarah. Sex, relationships, health/wellness, parenting, spiritual guidance... all may be discussed at detail and with open, loving, accepting arms, mind, and heart of Heartsong. Chatting and/or getting a reading with Sarah Heartsong can accomplish a lot. Come with the concerns you want to address with coaching, through the use of Tarot and/or Oracle cards, and/or a subject Sarah specializes in for a Teaching. Location- Apologies in advance if this is confusing. Hours have gone into trying to figure this out with this system and we're still working on it, so please bear with us! Sarah may be in Olympia at Kindred Moon (Radiance) or at Erosia, Shelton (W Shelton Valley Rd) but this website system doesn't track variable schedules like Sarah's. It only allows ongoing regular schedules that we can figure out so far. So, this purchases an hour session over Zoom, which may be in person depending upon where Sarah is. Just text Sarah at 575-640-8506 to ask until we can figure out this scheduling software. This is also recommended if you feel symptoms of cold or flu as we can then just pivot to a remote option. (THANK YOU FOR HONORING AND LISTENING TO YOUR BODIES!) Apologies in advance if anything goes awry with scheduling as we're just learning this new calendar and booking system and cannot figure out how to make it so that people booking know where we are on the various days as Sarah's schedule is likely to change and she's only in one location!

Cancellation Policy

Please notify me here and directly with a text to 575-640-8506 and/or leave me a voicemail there within 3 hours of the appointment and I will fully refund the price. If I'm able to rebook your time, however, in whatever time you give me I will refund your money. So, please let me know even up to the moment of your appointment if you aren't going to make it (via text) because there might be a possibility another standing there might slide into your slot. If I'm not informed you will not make it I will hold your time for 10 minutes and you will forfeit whatever you paid for the session.

Contact Details

  • Radiance Herbs & Massage, 5th Avenue Southeast, Olympia, WA, USA