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Design: Hekate

Size: 9" or 6" Diameter, 1/2" thick

Wood Choices: Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, Padauk 


Divination through the use of a pendulum has been around for thousands of years. These boards create a physical representation of the pattern that is usually only in the mind of the reader. Great for beginners or seasoned diviners these boards are meant to last lifetimes.


These boards are constructed of solid hardwood and laser engraved for use with a pendulum. Imagery includes the months, alphabet, numbers, astrological and planetary symbols, days of the week and a standard yes/no pattern. There is a choice between whether you want to have moons or months in the outer ring of the board.


The numbers, letters and images are engraved. Soft rubber feet keep the board from accidentally moving while in use. We finish these with a vintage shellac finish followed by beeswax polish to give each one an almost silky feel. These are a made to order item and will typically ship within a couple days, maybe faster if we have one on hand.

Hekate Pendulum Board

  • occult, metaphysical, spirit, ghost, pagan, wicca, divination, witchcraft, medium, seance, pendulum, dowsing
  • wood, Wax, Shellac
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