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Travel "Altar Icons" for  various Greek/Roman Gods to be found here!


Each icon (3.5" x 7") is sold with a pouch that the pieces can slide into for travel. The main piece of the icon with the portrait of the deity being revered slides into a base that acts as a small altar for offerings such as candles, a drink, incense, or something else that they would appreciate. The pouch is large enough to also hold a few other small implements.


Wood options available: mahogany, walnut, maple and ash and will vary in prices according to market prices for 0.25" thick cut woods.


Additional engravings can be added to the base or back of the icon, like an invocation or a prayer, a symbol, or a picture. There is a $10 up-charge for the basic symbol for the deity to be added to the base. Other engravings may take more money depending upon if design time is needed to set it up for engraving. Request anything more than a simple sigil on the base through a custom order, so please contact us directly to work out the details to create the custom invoice. 


Deities already designed and available right away:

Antinous, Apollo, Ares/Mars, Asclepios, Bacchus/Dionysus, Cupid/Eros with Psyche, Hades/Pluto, Hermes/Mercury, Neptune/Poseidan, Pan, and Zeus/Jupiter. We're always expanding our line ups, though, so if you want and don't see please ask!

Greek Gods' Altar Icons $34.95 to $54.95

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  • Wood, fabric
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