Sarah Heartsong has read divination cards, including Tarot, since she was 18 years old and is now over 50. She began her professional career as a reader in the early 90s and reads off/on as Called to. Her talents include the calling forth of tears as the Soul recognizes Truth as well as Naming paths forward from whatever situation you are in to create even more harmonious blessings in your World. 


Sarah's decades of Work as a social worker interfacing with a diversity of people, abilities and cultural situations, make her the perfect person to help you to tap into your own Wisdom, which emerges as the card reading unfolds. This is even possible in a recorded reading because Sarah uses her Gifts and Training to connect in first with you, and your Guides and Guardians so that she can help you to hear them and translate their messages to you. 


Sarah has a large collection of cards including both Tarot and oracle cards. Unless you specify in your notes to her upon purchase of this reading she will ask your Guides to help her to choose the right system to access to get you what you need to hear.


If you want to ask for some options for card decks for her to use are the Osho Zen Tarot, the Faery Oracle, the Hanson-Roberts deck, the Sacred Path/Medicine Cards, Morgan Greer's deck, the Cosmic Tribe tarot, and the Gypsy Fortune Telling deck among others. Please note that even if you choose a deck if Sarah senses the Guides want to send you a different message another deck might be used.


This lets you know that neither you nor Sarah are completely in charge with this kind of reading. She always defers to Spirit's guidance in the moment of the recording. 


These readings are generally 10-15 minutes but may be more, may be slightly less, depending on what Spirit wants. They will be recorded and sent to your email and/or phone. Please indicate a preference and we will do our best to make the technology work!

Basic Tarot/Oracle Cards Reading- Recorded

$25.00 Regular Price
$21.25Sale Price
  • Sarah will record the session and make all attempts to reach you to deliver the recording to the email and/or phone you provide. If there is a failure to deliver she will do her best to try to figure out the problem and to get your reading to you. However, there is the slight chance that this will all go awry and chaos will set in. Never fear! If all else fails Sarah will redo the reading once, if the buyer contacts Sarah immediately (within 5 business days of projected reciept day) about the failure. Please be in contact within 1 week of purchase if you haven't heard anything back from Sarah with your reading!