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Altar Icons for the Celtic Goddesses, we currently have 4 designs, but not all with photos here (we'll update soon).


Each goddess's icon is created out of wood with a laser engraved image of the Goddess. The icon slides into a base that acts as a small altar for offerings such as candles, a drink, incense, or something else that She would appreciate. Each icon (3.5" x 7") is sold with a pouch that the pieces can slide into for travel. The pouch is large enough to also hold a few other small implements.


Goddesses currently available: Morrighan, Ceridwen and we have 2 versions of Bridget, one with her and a cow and one with her, a cauldron and her sisters. We have the ability to stain Briget's green prior to sealing if you desire in honor of the green usually associated with her. Please make a note upon ordering if you want this option- best done with the lightest wood, maple.


We can also add images to the base- small images work best like Briget's Cross or a Celtic Cross. Adding a small image to the base is $10 extra if we already have it formatted for the engraver (both the Briget and Celtic crosses are $10 extra). We will need to discuss other options if desired to come up with the price.


Wood options available: mahogany, walnut, maple and purpleheart. Purpleheart is imported and is the slightly more expensive option ($47). Additional engravings can be added to the back of the icon, like an invocation or a prayer and a symbol or a picture, so that when it is turned around the deity is then revealed. $10-30 up-charge will take into consideration if design time is needed to format the image for the engraver. Request this through custom order.


The Ceridwen altar icon features The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse (in Creative Commons).

Celtic Goddesses Altar Icons

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