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Fionn’s Window (also known as the Fege Find) is a graphic representation of the Celtic underworld.


It comes from the Book of Ballymote, or In Lebor Ogaim “The Book of Ogams“, circa 1390 C.E. It is also known as the Ogam Tract, an Old Irish treatise on the ogham alphabet.


Fionn’s Window, contains the five groups of five letters of the Ogham, in five circles. The word fege means a ridgepole used to hold up a house’s roof. The arrangement of the ogham alphabet in this manner is probably meant to invoke the image of a circular Iron Age house.


Fionn’s Window is named after the Master Bard Fionn, who was said to have been trained by the Druid Finnéigeas. Since it symbolically incorporates the trees and plants, the stars, the moons, and divination, it represents the source of all knowledge.


A 3" (2 1/2" viewable) black scrying mirror is set into the center of a solid 9" diameter, 1/2" thick engraved hardwood disc.


You have a choice of available woods. The colors are all natural to the woods (no dyes, stains or paints to get these rich colors). A trio of 3 foam rubber feet keep this item firmly set on whatever surface you choose.


Used for divination, meditation, or introspection Fionn's Window is a very unique way to study and use the ancient Ogham. Use as a stand-alone piece or in conjunction with a pendulum or Ogham staves. Also available in an 11" size. 

Fionn's Window - 9" engraved wood Ogham Scrying, Divination & Meditation Board

  • Scrying, Ogham, Divination, Druid, Celtic, Witch, Tarot, Runes, Fege Find, Pendulum, Meditation
  • Wood, Glass, Brass
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