Altar Icon for the Hindu Goddess, Kali (aka- Kalima, and Kālikā), the Destroyer of evil, Divine Protectress and and Bestower of Liberation, created out of wood with a laser engraved image of the Goddess.


The icon slides into a base that acts as a small altar for offerings such as candles, a drink, incense, or something else that Kali would appreciate. Each icon (3.5" x 7") is sold with a pouch that the pieces can slide into for travel. The pouch is large enough to also hold a few other small implements.


Wood options available: Ash, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, or Walnut. Walnut currently is the slightly more expensive option at $10 more.


Additional engravings can be added to the back of the icon, like an invocation or a prayer and a symbol or a picture, so that when it is turned around the deity is then revealed. $10-20 up-charge for additional engraving depending upon if design time is needed. Request this and speak with us first before purchase so we can invoice you correctly. (Custom orders are nonexchangeable / nonrefundable as they are unique to your needs. We always make sure we make it to the specifications we agree upon.)

Kali's Altar Icon

  • altarware, travel, icon, altar, statue, portable, paganism, Goddess, Kali, Kalima, Kālikā, Liberator, Hindu
  • Wood, fabric