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Altar Icon for the Celtic God of Nature and all things Growing, Kern, is created out of wood with a laser engraved image of the God. You will also find Him referred to as Krn, Cern, Hrn, Hern or Cernunnos (Roman).


He is an ancient Celtic God of the hunt and the wild and growing things. He displays His leadership by the torc He holds in His hand. A torc is usually either worn around the neck or on the upper arm by Celts. That He has these in His hand shows that He is active in His leadership of people.


He also carries a serpent in the other hand, showing He understands the cycles of life, death and rebirth and commands these elemental states of Being as well.


The horns on His head connect Him with all the living world and especially the cult of the Divine Stag. He is both the Hunter and the Hunted, understanding all perspectives of Life and showing His command of the green and growing world.


He is the aspect of Life Force that flows through all creation and is present at birth, growing, death, and back to birth.


The icon slides into a base that acts as a small altar for offerings such as candles, a drink, incense, or something else that Kern would appreciate. Each icon (3.5" x 7") is sold with a pouch that the pieces can slide into for travel. The pouch is large enough to also hold a few other small implements.


Wood options available: mahogany, walnut, maple and ash. Walnut is the slightly more expensive option ($10 more).


Additional engravings can be added to the back of the icon, like an invocation or a prayer and a symbol or a picture, so that when it is turned around the deity is then revealed.$10-20 up-charge depending upon if design time is needed. Request this through custom order.

Kern's Altar Icon

  • altarware, travel, icon, altar, statue, portable, paganism, Celtic, Kern, Cernunnos, Hrn, Hern, Horned God
  • Wood, fabric
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