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Size Approximately: 3” x 1/2” x 1/4"


The Ogham is an ancient Celtic/Druidic language. Each character relates to a specific sacred tree and has its own meanings that can be used for divination, much like the Tarot.


Choose either the 20 stave set or the 25 stave set including the Forfeda engraved on solid hardwood.


Included is a velvet pouch to carry your set and a sheet with brief descriptions of each character's meanings.


Friends have trusted Karl to hand-craft their runes, wands and other implements for years because of nearly a lifetime of woodworking skill and decades as a metaphysical practitioner. Like crystals and herbs, every tree has its own unique qualities. Everything we create is a one-of-a-kind work of art designed to maximize the innate beauty and natural energy of the wood.


These Ogham staves are clear coated with a vintage shellac to protect the wood and ensure a long life. If you prefer something a bit different, or another wood, don't be shy! We have nearly 150 varieties of domestic and exotic international woods out in the workshop - We are always looking for more as we make new friends around the globe.


If you need a little help selecting a wood that is right for you, just ask!

Celtic Ogham Staves - Divination, Druid ($24.95 to $164.95)

  • runes, ogham, druid, tarot, divination, wicca, geomancy, fortune telling, psychic, magic, pagan, oracle, forfeda
  • wood
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