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St. Cyprian Double-Sided Altar Icon (image shown on walnut)


Holy Cyprian -

Who equally practiced the Mass and the Sabbat Who commingled with angels, devils, and earthly spirits Thaumaturge, Saint and Sorcerer, Martyr and Magus Grant the power to command the spirits as you did!


We now are happy to offer a special, double-sided, travel-sized altar icon dedicated to St. Cyprian of Antioch.


The back is engraved with symbols meaningful to the Saint.


Altar icons are created out of your choice of hardwood with a laser engraved image in portrait on the front and on this special icon, the saint's symbols are on the back so that the icon can be used in either position.


The icon slides into a base that acts as a small altar for offerings such as candles, a drink, incense, or something else that St. Cyprian would appreciate.


Each icon (3.5" x 7") is sold with a pouch that the pieces can slide into for travel. The pouch is large enough to also hold a few other small implements for your ceremony.


Wood options available: mahogany, walnut, maple and ash.


Sigil or prayer can be added to the base with a $10-20 up-charge depending upon if design time is needed. Request via custom order by contacting the seller directly so we can work out exactly what you want and create a custom invoice for you to purchase. 

St. Cyprian Altar Icon $44.95 to $54.95

  • altarware, travel, icon, altar, statue, portable, paganism, spirituality, St Cyprian, saint, Cyprian, magick, ceremony, sorcery, sorcerer, magic, altar, 

  • Wood, fabric
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