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The Trithemius Table of Practice is a tool used for conjuring spirits. It acts as a permanent summoning circle, the benefit of which is that one doesn’t need to reconsecrate a particular area every time a conjuration ritual is performed.


This particular design is but one of the many ways this tool's construction has been interpreted over the years. In original descriptions the table was built from elements including pure gold, flawless crystals and ebony. While none of our work is that extravagant, please look to our other listings for additional variations.


This Table has the Archangels in English on the inner ring with the Planetary Angels in Celestial on the outer.


Wood Choice: Cherry, Mahogany (pictured), Maple, Red Oak, Padauk, or Walnut


Size: 9" Diameter, 1/2" thick


We create our boards from solid 1/2" thick hardwoods - no thin pieces of cheap plywood or pine here. The designs are precision laser engraved. Soft foam rubber feet keep the board from slipping during use. We finish these with a vintage shellac finish followed by beeswax polish to give each one an almost silky feel.


These are a made to order item and will typically ship within a couple days, maybe faster if we have one on hand. Not quite what you need for your practice? We can customize the engraving font, language, layout or even the size of the board to meet your specific needs. Pricing for customization varies from $10 to $???? completely dependent on the amount of time and effort involved. Your vision, our tools and talent.

Trithemius Table of Practice

  • occult, metaphysical, spirit, ghost, pagan, wicca, divination, communication, witchcraft, medium, dowsing, crystal, conjuration
  • wood, Shellac, Wax
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