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Whimsical Wooden Dumbledore Light Switch Plate From the Harry Potter book series, quoting Dumbledore, the great Master Mage. It says, "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."


These birch wood light switch plates are engraved with words spoken by Dumbledore to remind one regularly that the power for turning on a light in one's life is within one's own abilities. It's an excellent affirmation for anyone, especially though, for the growing young person who can use this regular reminder.


Another Harry Potter light switch plate cover is also available saying, "Lumos/Nox".


These high quality light switch plates are sealed with either natural or gold shellac and have metal backing to ensure its durability. Handmade all natural wood balm used to polish and protect before it is shipped.


This light switch plate is fun, fancy and still retains the beauty of a wooden accent in the design of your room.


Double light switch plate is available for $4 more per plate as a custom order.


All of these are made to order.


You can purchase them unsealed/unstained so that you can stain them yourself to match the rest of the trim in your house. If you have a special desire please request a custom order by contacting us directly prior to purchase. We try to accommodate specializations whenever possible.


Each is unique as the grain of wood changes from plate to plate. The engravings take differently on each piece, too, as some places in the wood is softer than others, so expect some variations even on the same style.

Dumbledore Light Switch Plate Cover

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