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Contact us directly here or at if you want to
make an order direct with us with products not yet listed here. Thanks!

Our catalogue of spiritual tools and gifts is currently on Etsy.

You can also buy products there and see our ratings over time. Contact us directly via message if you want a custom order.

Sarah Heartsong also offers services include readings, spiritual Life coaching, and assistance with the personal creation of sacred tools such as drums, wands, staffs, etc. You can either commission your Visioned Tool to be made for you or you come to us and we help you manifest the tool you're compelled to create.

Sarah's rates are $90/hour, $50/half hour for readings in person. She can do a taped 10-15 min session that is sent to your phone or email address for $25 based upon one or two questions. These are completed within 2 business days of their purchase and there is a listing here you can use to purchase a reading.


Speak with Sarah directly about coaching! There's nothing to lose but a bit of time getting to know Sarah because the first hour to explain the process and Sarah's style of coaching is free. At the end of that we will both decide if a coaching relationship is to be pursued and will schedule our ongoing visits. The coaching rate is $222/month and consists of 3 in-person sessions with intermittent email/text support in between as desired/needed.

Ceremonies such as weddings have their own way of pricing worked out with the participants and will vary depending

upon what is desired and how far Sarah has to travel.
All travel expenses will be paid for by the celebrants
as well as a basic stipend for the ceremonial services.
You get what you pay for, though!


Sarah has all kinds of experience in wedding arts since childhood and once on-board can act in a variety of capacities, which is handy if/when surprises come up and things need to change. She's a master of ceremonies having been trained since a little girl, first in Girl Scouts and church, then Rainbow Girls, Eastern Star, and then naturecentric ceremonial ways with studies and initiations in Wicca, attendance at many Native American ceremonies and training by Unitarian Universalism in interfaith worship including its writing and implementation. That's not mentioning her artistic side which includes training in floral and culinary arts, as well as display and design. Getting Sarah to officiate a wedding is like getting a "wedding planner plus" because she has all the training of one and much more.


More info desired? 

Contact Sarah Heartsong directly here or at

for more info and/or to schedule

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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